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Projects &Workshops With Children

I have worked on several projects, facilitated workshops and been commissioned to work with children at both primary and secondary school ages. I was poet in residence at North Kensington Library for the Apples and Snakes Spine Festival in 2018 and 2019, facilitating workshops with schools as well as intergenerational workshops. I was lead facilitator for the Moon Festival 2018 in Woolwich Library, working with local school children and preparing them for performances. I worked for Kids On The Green, a project set up after the Grenfell fire to support the impacted children in the local community from 2017-2019 doing poetry, songwriting and performance workshops with children and rehearsing with them in the music studio to record their music.  

I was a facilitator for the Eastside spoken word poetry marathon, preparing children in schools to submit their writing and preparing them for performances. Here's a resource I created to support the Eastside national 'I Know, I Wish, I Will' project to be circulated to school teachers to assist the children's writing.

Turn Down The Volume

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