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When the Creative Life of a Woman Becomes Stagnant

There are many times in the life of a creative woman where she may feel her creative energy has formed stagnant. Where there are so many intricate thoughts, processes, ideas and truths to be released, she may be unable to fully have the strength and motivation to do so.

She is sitting still with numerous gems hiding behind the strands in her hair. Waiting to be called upon and freed from within her to share these gifts with other souls who resonate.

When a woman may be facing various predicaments in her personal life, where her higher self may be in combat, sword in hand whilst trying to break free from all the lower self is provoked so easily by, she may become less free willed to expose her higher self.

Her higher self may not feel nurtured or valued. Her higher self may feel overshadowed by realities that speak otherwise. Her wisdom and intuition has the ability to drown confusion, yet her inner voice remains muffled.

She may recite poems or routinely support others with her gifts and abilities to see situations with foresight, but when she looks into her own life, her third eye may be paralysed and blinded by inner struggles coming to surface.

She may feel her recitation of poetry becomes merely words, whilst still having the power to move crowds. She may have had the drive to honour her gifts, whilst feeling the importance to share with the universe, however she may need to be sat down and be healed before using her powerful gifts to heal others.

Energy should be fairly exchanged. Even the most overflowing apple tree will need water to be sustained, the most generous home needs warmth, the hands that wipe tears require being held with love and compassion.

Women may seize the reigns of their gifts, whilst wallowing on inner journeys and turmoil. I am sure men may have similar experiences, but I can only speak from the perspective of a woman. Blockages need undoing. Headspace needs creating. Nurturing environments for women to feel safe and appreciated are vital.

Yes, certain priorities may come to mind, where a woman may need to prioritise immediate financial relief, where a woman may feel others close to her may need seeing to before herself. She may put away her pen, paintbrush and notebooks to tend to another garden, forgetting how much her own garden needs delicate hands to soften the formation of knots. She may feel a tug from the neighbours falling fence, each time she tries to plant her own tomatoes. She may feel her need to be there for others is greater than her inner self calling out for her attentive nature.

The most difficult times are when she feels disconnected to her higher self. As though her higher self speaks clear words, but she is withholding herself from her own truth. She almost bows her eyes in shame as others are in awe of her higher self that communicated so profoundly when channeled through her pen, is unrecognizable to her.

Women who attract relationships where they feel undervalued or belittled may go into hiding. She may feel her nightingale voice that has produced standing ovations is unworthy of the love and admiration beings whose heart and soul connect with the magical beauty released from her appreciate. She may begin to shy away. She may almost forget, but every so often a hum exits her chest and a poetic line is scrawled in the margins of meeting minutes.

My message to you is to honour your gifts and the deafening silence of the voice that wants to escape from your mouth or fingertips. Women should never allow belittlement, criticism or the attempted strangulation of spirit metamorph her into a dehydrated unfed starving curled into a ball mammal.

A woman must speak. Speak like her lungs depend on it. Write. Write in the bathroom if that is the only safe space. Sing when waiting for the train. Pick up the microphone again and reconnect with her higher self. Keep in balance reciting over words written from a grounding and space of clarity and conviction. Speak like an audience member’s life is depending on these echoes. Speak like dessert storms may pause to momentarily listen. Speak like the word is intended to be spoken. Speak like her life may depend on the words that will exit her physical vessel. Let the chakra that may have blocked creativity from flowing, unblock like the greatest salt sink treatment.

Shareefa Energy

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