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So my debut poetry collection will be pu

Photography by Jason Garcia


Shareefa Energy is a poet, writer, author and creative writing facilitator. Her poetry is raw, honest and consistent against injustice. Witnessing her performing has been described as an almost religious experience. She was awarded with the UK Entertainment Best Poet 2017 Award and a nominee for the Eastern Eye Arts, Culture & Theatre 2019 award by the Arts Council. She released her spoken word neo-soul jazz EP 'Reasoning with Self' in 2015.


Her poetry has featured on BBC The One Show, Channel 4 and ITV and been published in various publications. Shareefa performed at Poetry Meets Hip Hop in Berlin, the Verve Festival and The Flamenco Festival 2019. She has facilitated creative writing poetry workshops internationally, from Palestine to Sierra Leone. She was artist in residence at North Kensington Library for the Apples and Snakes Spine Festival 2018 and 2019. She is a member of the UK female South Asian poetry collective The Yoniverse.


Her debut poetry collection was published by Burning Eye Books in November 2019.

Shareefa has worked on several poetry commissions for companies and campaigns to support brands and organisations to deliver their message profoundly. She also created the Apples and Snakes National Poetry Day 2020 main visual for the theme ´Vision.´ 

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