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Shareefa Energy offers 1-1 mentoring sessions to develop creative writing, poetry and performance with children, young people and aspiring writers, alongside facilitating workshops with larger groups.

'Writing workshops with Shareefa Energy are a joy and are refreshingly different compared to other creative writing classes I have taken. With her, my work has gone from conception to reality and I have found my poetic voice. She is very knowledgable on the craft of poetry and it’s delivery, giving prominence to both the written word and the art of performance, which has no doubt been gleaned from her years of experience in the scene. The classes are very practical and I really enjoy her visualisation exercises and field trips. Writing in the woods has been a great highlight. She is always willing to go the extra mile, delving into my influences and inspirations in order to draw out the best work from me. She is always available to discuss ideas and is a great critical and editorial voice. I look forward to further sessions and following her own oeuvre as a poet.'

Isuru Perera

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